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Log Smarter supports sustainable forest management.

LogSmarter represents a diverse and growing group of residents of Northeast Washington who care about the present and future vitality of our communities.  It has come to our attention that huge portions of timber land in our counties are being subjected to logging practices that we cannot condone as sustainable to our dryland type of forests. 

We are currently using this website as a means to alert other fellow citizens to this situation, so that together we might take a unified stand against these logging practices that are currently placing our logging industry, our watersheds, and our forest habitat at risk.  As timber production and logging are the backbone of our local economy, our economic survival is severely affected. The aesthetic value of the landscape, air quality and the market value of properties in our region are negatively affected as well.  These objectionable practices include aerial spraying of herbicides, clear cutting and mono-crop replanting, all in the name of corporate profits. 

Investigation of this issue shows that the timber investment group, Forest Capital Partners LLC is responsible for these massive changes to our environment.  It is our position that they have failed to meet their own stated standards of responsible stewardship, as set forth in the Sustainable Forest Initiative.  It seems to us that Forest Capital Partners LLC are refusing to recognize that dry land forests do not recover easily and that their logging practices in our area are therefore inappropriate.

If you would like to help, please sign our petition, pass the information along, and educate yourself as much as possible.  Check out the map that shows which acres are owned by Forest Capital Partners LLC (or affiliates), which total 240,000 acres in Stevens County alone, and be aware that their next clear cut may border your property, your neighbor’s land, or totally alter the view from your front porch.

As a unified citizen group, we could alter the course of this devastation.


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